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Written By:Drew Mendelson - 1981

  • Pilgrimage - Drew Mendelson cover


A future concept you never read before!

As far as anyone knew, all mankind live in The City. The City, a self-enclosed towering single building, had always moved generation by generation across the vast empty landscape.

Brann Adelbran met destiny when his family sector found itself at Tailend. Already the Structors were planning to dismantle his ancestral apartment high on an upper floor of that colossal metropolis. Brann would have to make the pilgrimage to Frontend to re-establish his family there for the generations to come.

But when tradition was suddenly shattered, Brann was forced to flee, not on the established routes and hallways, but down the forbidden shafts into the lost chambers, corridors, and basements which even legend had forgotten.

His pilgrimage became an odyssey of terrors, mysteries, and scientific marvels—leading to the end of the world.


"Of course there are lands!"

Brann exclaimed. "What of the Farmy Fields. what of the mountains?"

"You interpret it incorrectly, young man," the Hegman answered. "You begin from the most erroneous premise, taht there is an inside and an outside to the city, a city and a planet, I suppose, upon which it rests. All that, of course, is nonsense.

"The eye will fill what is empty, young Brann. If there were lands, there would certainly be folk to fill them, and if such folks then we would have seen them. True?"

"True," Brann answered, reluctantly.

"Have we seen such folk?" asked the Hegman.

"No," said Brann.

"There is the city, there are the mountains and the fields. They are one, and all beyond their unity is only the vision of things and this vision is nothing more than that, for the eye abhors emptiness and will fill it always. When you learn the true answer, you must stop questioning and begin to learn," said the Hegman. "And that is that."