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Planet of the Apes


Written By:Dan Abnett - 2002

  • Bloodlines - Dan Abnett cover


The quest for answers continues as Esau, Seneca, Attar, and the human woman, Crow, flee from the vicious pursuit or ape soldiers. When they make a stand in a snowy forest, all seems lost. A mysterious forest legend, a warrior in black armor, may provide a rescue... but will he be saving our heroes for a worse fate? New battles spark a new war between the ape nation and the collaborative ape-human resistance. But some allegiances -- and destinies -- are still left undefined. Will Attar, the once imposing military captain, return to Derkein to try to stop the bloodshed? Or, will he continue his consuming, idealistic quest for Ari? Will Seneca, formerly of the ape senate, lead the resistance forces proudly against his ape brothers? What role will the near-mythical Chimerae play? And, will Esau, the human rebel leader, stand at Seneca's side, or make an unpredictable move to bolster solely human forces, and rid the planet of their ape overlords... forever?!




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