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Planet of the Apes

Man the Fugitive

Written By:George Alec Effinger - 1974

  • Man the Fugitive - George Alec Effinger cover


Based on the top—rated CBS—TV series

Here is the first book based on the fascinating TV series... a mind-reeling journey to Earth in the year 3085, when Apes are masters and Men are slaves—a waking nightmare from which there is no escape!


Alien Planet

The fantastic adventures of astronauts Alan Virdon and Pete Burke, accidentally time-warped 1000 years into the future—to the Planet of the Apes...

Of Zaius, head of the Council of Apes, who forbids any knowledge of mankind's long dead civilization...

Of Urko, gorilla leader, who hates all humans and vows death to those who claim superiority...

Of peace-loving Galen, who could forgive Zaius' fear of knowledge—but not his hatred of humans nor his vengeance upon the two men who carry the secrets of the past.


"A fascinating phenomenon!" —Galaxy Magzine

A high adventure by George Alec Effinger

"A sure winner... a blockbuster!" Said Variety about the fabulous television series on which this exciting book is based.

In the great tradition of the five APE movies ("Remarkable, original, forceful, memorable and unique!" said Newsday), the brand new CBS-TV APE programs offer the best in science fiction adventure.




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