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Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes

Written By:W T Quick - 2001

  • Planet of the Apes - W T Quick cover


The human race has met its masters

Trillions of miles from an Earth in political and ecological turmoil, Captain Leo Davidson has crash landed on a different world—a terrifying place where people are in chains... and apes rule. Here, beneath twin suns, humans are lower creatures to be cornered, captured and broken, suitable only for the amusement of their simian masters; for hard labor, laboratory experimentation, and breeding. But Leo Davidson has brought something unthinkable to the Planet of the Apes: rebellion. And in the all-consuming fire to come, a future will be determined... and a past as well.


Where apes rule

The chimp's shiny black gaze flashed across the captured humans, passed on, then suddenly swept back as the general riveted his full attention on Davidson.

For a long instant the two were frozen, their gazes locked as surely as any duel. Then the chimp's eyes widened in outraged surprise. He threw up one long arm and pointed a stiff, quivering finger at Davidson.

"Attar, this one looked at me!" the chimpanzee general roared, turning to glare at the dark-pelted gorilla commander.

"He won't do it again!" Attar snarled.

Davidson reacted in reflexive shock. He grabbed Attar's wrists and stared at him in disbelief.

"You talk..." he said, amazed at an ape speaking a recognizably human tongue.

The black gorilla commander pulled back angrily. "Take your stinking hands off me, you damn, dirty human!"

He smashed Davidson's chin with stunning force, sending him spinning away into unconsciousness.




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