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Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes

Written By:Pierre Boulle - 1963

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Planet of the Apes hurtles the reader into a distant simian world where man is brute and ape intelligent, in a novel as harrowing, hypnotic, and meaningful as any of the great masterpieces of satiric literature.


The Aliens

The woman had the most perfect body that could be conceived on Earth and a face of singular purity. But it was her eyes that were most arresting to the newcomers to the planet Betelgeuse. Her eyes were beautiful, gray, yet totally devoid of intelligence.

Explorers in space discover a planet that is identical with Earth—with one exception. Evolution has favored the simian species instead of the human. Man is naked, wild, dumb; ape is clothed, civilized, articulate...

Around this premise Pierre Boulle weaves a parody of human behavior that is both unnerving and uproarious, with an ending as lethal as the strike of a cobra.


"Bizarre... Ingenious... This is easily Boulle's best novel since Bridge Over the River Kwai" —New York World Telegram and Sun

"This novel is respectfully descended from Swift on one side, and Verne on the other." —The Atlantic Monthly

"The tale enables Boulle to dissect, with delicate irony, the stupidity of established authority, the vanity of human ambition and the nature of our own society. The novel's surprise ending is singularly horrifying." —Newark News

"A fast-moving story, told with irony, subtle wit and imagination." —San Francisco News-Call Bulletin

"Planet of the Apes is tomorrow's version of Gulliver's Travels." —Louisville Times

"Superb" —Cleveland Press




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