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Single Combat

Written By:Dean Ing - 1983

  • Single Combat - Dean Ing cover


A novel of post-holocaust America

Fight for life in streamlined America!

1995: Scorse of our cities are vaporized, everwhere chaos reigns.

In all of America only one major social unit was prepared for Armageddon: the Mormons. In Utah Civil Defense is a religious imperative: now every practicing Mormon is crowded into a warren of bunkers underneath Salt Lake City with a year's supply of food, medicine—and weapons.

Small wonder then if when America begins to dig itself out it looks to a Mormon President for leadership. Small wonder too if the Mormon hieracrchy yields to the siren call of religious dictatorship...

A Tom Doherty Book



"Quantrill, get away," shouted the pilot. "We've got a problem with the bird!"

Quantrill trotted after the taller man, saw past him to the flight line. Five minutes before, there'd been several people currying their birds. Now the place was deserted. At the periphery of his vision was a charcoal-black mass, skating ten meters over the deck, and now Miles Grenier was running like a deer. The hurtling mass was a sprint chopper, arcing in between the two men. Isolate your hit, said a well-remembered voice in his memory.

As the chopper hovered he could see Howell in the cockpit, grinning, knowing he could slam a six-ton hammer into his victim. His high overhand toss seemed a ridiculous empty gesture until Howell, with a spurt of pure horror, saw the glitter of small objects in the sun.

The handful of broken concrete half-fell, was half sucked into the circular shroud. Hammer a few dents into a sprint chopper's shroud, especially near those prop tips, and its efficiency will plummet. Blow a dozen jagged holes in it while the props eat hardware, and you will see a coleopter go bonkers.

Quantril had that pleasure.


"Explosive new chiller by Dean Ing." Survival Magazine




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