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Ramon and Morgan

Pure Blood

Written By:Mike McQuay - 1985

  • Pure Blood - Mike McQuay cover


In a distant future strangely altered by mankind's folly, two brothers reenacted an ancient struggle—Ramon, the cruel heir to a mighty empire, and Morgan, denied his rightful title by an accident of birth, who challenged him to preserve the freedom of humanity's children.


Pure Blood

A millennium of mankind's folly had left the earth strangely changed. Tampering with life itself, man had crafted a dozen new races to be his servants, each gifted with awesome powers, yet his descendants hunted them down in a fury of hatred and fear. A killing heat had turned the northlands into jungles, and now a host of fantastic creatures roamed the desolate ruins of the ancient cities.

Into this new dark age two brothers were born. Morgan, whose nobility and honor made him a natural ruler, was deprived of a title by the baseness of his birth. Ramon, whose cruelty and cunning marked him as a tyrant, used his power for a war of conquest and extermination.

Outcast and betrayed, Morgan sought refuge with the last remnants of the new races. With their beautiful leader Alicia at his side, Morgan became their champion and challenged his brother for the future of all humanity.


Beginning a powerful saga of a strange and distant future by the author of Jitterbug

A stirring saga by the author of Jitterbug, Pure Blood begins a powerful epic of heroism in a new dark age of man.




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