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Resurrection 2027

Written By:J. G. Eccarius - 1995

  • Resurrection 2027 - J. G. Eccarius cover


Ann Swanson remembers her life as a nurse before the Apocalypse, before she died of The Plague. Resurrected years later by the grace of Mary the Mother of God, she has lived a happy school-girl's life in 21st Century Zion. She is the top student in her class, so it is not surprising when the Mothers call her to work at the Temple of the Resurrection. In Zion evil is supposed to be something from the past. After all, the whole point of the Apocalypse had been the destruction of evil. But as she learns the science of the miracle of resurrection, Ann begins to question not just her knowledge, but her very own memories. Then there is the most basic question of all: how do you tell the difference between Good and Evil?