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Resurrection Day

Written By:Brendan DuBois - 1999

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Everyone remembers where they were the day President Kennedy tried to kill them

What if the Cuban Missile Crisis had become a full-blown atomic war?

The place is Boston. The year is 1972. It has been ten years since bombs fell over major cities in the United States and the Soviet Union. Russia is decimated. California is virtually destroyed. Washington D.C. lies beneath a giant crater lake. President Kennedy, Vice President Johnson, and their families have disappeared, believed dead. "The best and brightest" of their administration are disgraced or in hiding. America is a shell of her former glory, a second-rate power dependent upon the kindness of Britain. Martial law rules.

Carl Landry, a young reporter with The Boston Globe, arrives at the scene of murder. A friendless man, a veteran of the '62 war, has been shot, but Landry begins to doubt he is the victim of a burglary gone wrong and suspects that the man has taken secrets to his grave. What was this man doing in the War Room of the White House in October 1962? Who pushed the button that started the war? What is the legend and what is the lie? Who was the betrayer and who the betrayed? And could John F. Kennedy, by some miracle, still be alive?


"This is a fascinating addition to the world of 'what if' fiction" THE TIMES

"DuBois has his finger right on the button in this thriller" DAILY MIRROR