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The Return The/Quiet Place

Written By:Richard Maynard - 1990

  • The Return  The/Quiet Place  - Richard Maynard cover


Back to the future

Out of contact with Earth for years, the seven-man crew believed their aborted space flight had lasted for six decades; they were resigned to the fact that their wives and children would be long dead, yet they were eager to set foot on familiar ground, to fit back into the world they had left behind. But what awaited them on their fateful return was far from familiar. The once-glorious planet was diapidated shadow of its former self—great cities lay in neglect and ruin, and the land's inhabitants were oddly—dangerously—primitive. Stranded on a planet that was no longer theirs, the determined crew would battle nature, hunger and savage hunting tribes in their fight for survival, all the while hoping to discover the cause of the devastating calamity.


"A science fiction thriller... The Return is a gripping portrait of seven men trapped in a place that is both familiar and horrifyingly unfamiliar. More than that, it is a chilling vignette of an all too plausible fate that may await us!" —New York Times

In the tradition of Planet of the Apes and The Time Machine.

"A dark parable of humankind's headlong rush toward progress!" —Library Journal

"Maynard possesses a pyrotechnic narrative power: his combination of vivid description and crackling action elevates some... material to almost sublime heights!" —Kirkus

"A worthwhile exercise in 'suppose' and 'what if' science fiction!" —UPI

"Maynard has breathed new life into... a vibrant first-person narration... a compelling portrait of this alien Earth!" —Providence Sunday Journal

"Well written and thought provoking!" —Science Fiction Chronicle

Back to the Future

Haunting in its imagery and utterly compelling in its narrative power, The Return depicts a post-catastrophe Earth inhabitied by a primitive people who resist relearning civilized ways.

Forced to make their way through this world are seven astronauts who return from an aborted space flight that they believe has lasted sixty Earth years. What has happened to make humanity reject advanced civilization? Gradually the crew discovers clues among the savage hunting tribes and in the crumbling ruins of technological man.

Reminiscent of H. G. Wells's The Time Machine and Pierre Boulle's The Planet of the Apes, The Return offers both a warning and a hope for regeneration.

Richard Maynard's first novel was hailed by critics as a "literary tour de force" (The Sunday Telegraph), and "a gripping adventure story" (Daily Telegraph)