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The Revenge of the Infinigons

Written By:Daniel Kreymer - 2003

  • The Revenge of the Infinigons  - Daniel Kreymer cover


Fifteen years have passed since the Infinigons, without any warning, began a merciless invasion of Earth, killing anyone who dared to get into their way. After the humans unknowingly destroyed their planet, they had nowhere else to go, except the planet of their newfound enemy. They came and destroyed all, seizing control of Earth and turning it into the planet that they once called home. They thought no human was left on Earth to stop them but they were wrong, very wrong. Humans still remained. They have waited years until the time to strike arrived. They have watched innocent people get killed and cities completely demolished and now the time had come. Finally, after years and years of planning, they were going to unleash the ultimate attack, powerful enough to crumple the Infinigons' rule on Earth, once and for all.