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Riddley Walker

Written By:Russell Hoban - 1980

  • Riddley Walker - Russell Hoban cover


"Extraordinary... haunting... fiercely imagined." —The New York Times

"Set in a remote future and composed in an English nobody ever spoke or wrote... lighting by El Greco and jokes by Punch and Judy... and a hero with Huck Finn's heart and charm." —The New York Times

Critics have compared Riddley Walker to Huckleberry Finn, A Clockwork Orange, Lord of the Flies and the book of Tolkien. It is none of these. It is unique. Yet it is surely destined to join their company.

"Marvelous... a novel people will be reading for a long, long time." —The Washington Post Book World

"One of the 1981's best novel." —Newsweek

"An artistic tour-de-force in every possible way." —New York Review of Books

"A remarkable book... which imprisoned me in its atmosphere and wouldn't let me get out." —Anthony Burgess

National Book Critics Circle Award Nominee