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Rider of the White Horse

Written By:Alan M. Paananen - 2002

  • Rider of the White Horse - Alan M. Paananen cover


In an undetermined future ravaged by nuclear war and natural disasters, the planet is taken over by the demonic cloned armies of the Klokan Empire. Marching through the battle-scarred landscape, they are on a quest to destroy all of humanity in a terrible holocaust.Faced with insurmountable evil, the remaining human population on Earth is saved only by one of the Klokan soldiers, who is gifted with a free mind and the ability to feel emotions. This soldier, Kurt Stone, unites with the humans and battles hard to drive the Klokans off. He becomes the fiercest warrior on the battlefields.The soldier eventually discovers that he may be part of a biblical prophecy in which evil is driven from the world, leaving righteousness to reign. With each new intense battle, the story escalates into the ultimate duel between good and evil.Cram-filled with intense action, alluring adventure, and deep emotions, this novel tells the story of the Rider of the White Horse.