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Rings of Ice

Written By:Piers Anthony - 1974

  • Rings of Ice - Piers Anthony cover

    Avon - 1st Printing - June 1974

  • Rings of Ice - Piers Anthony cover

    Avon - 5th Printing


Avon - 1st Printing - June 1974

Three men and three women bottle a global flood that spells the end of civilization!

Rings in the Sky

When Gus saw the wide, white rainbow, he knew what it meant. The official reassurances were a cover-up. He knew that it would be like Noah's flood, only worse.

So Gus and his friend Thatch set out in a motor-home, desperately trying to escape the rising flood waters. Along the road, they pick up several hitchikers including a lovely young girl and a woman scientist. Gus and Thatch concoct a crazy scheme to "repopulate the Earth, using their female companions—but it doesn't quite work out that way.

Piers Anthony, famous for his totally original, meticulously accurate science fiction novels, has built a gripping, plausible drama of six misfits battling for survival, as Planet Earth is transformed into hostile wilderness.

Avon - 5th Printing

After the deluge... the horrifying birth of a nightmare planet—earth.

The death throes of planet Earth!

The idea had been to create giant rings of ice around the Earth—huge lenses to capture solar energy. But it had all gone catastrophically wrong. The rings of ice were melting into rain. Rain that would not stop! Torrents of it, drowning the planet. Unleashing landslides, triggering volcanos, and giving birth to a hostile new landscape.

A Earth is engulfed, six men and women embark on an odyssey that will take them into realms of experience beyond imagining. Their mission: repopulate the devastated planet. To succeed, they will have to battle horrifying new forms of life, hunger-crazed bandits, and their own strangely unpredictable impusles.


Avon - 1st Printing - June 1974


Each of them was a social reject. Karen, dependent on drugs. Zena, terrified of sex. Floy, a thirteen-year-old with palsy. Gus, afraid of rain. Thatch, who did only what Gus told him. And Gordon, who was totally weird.

Trapped together in a motor-home—their frail Ark to survive disaster—they must cooperate or die, as they faced with landslides, volcanoes, giant piranhas, bandits and violent storms washing the earth from under their feet. To stay alive they had to eat moss, were driven to cannibalism.

And, strangely, the four who survive find a kind of fulfillment, a new strength that erases their weaknesses and gives they courage to begin a new life in an alien enviroment.

Avon - 5th Printing

Survival in a nightmare

The scenery was phenomenal. Sheer canyon walls loomed, seeming taller than they were because mist shrouded the upper reaches... The fungus and mildew and moss had now multiplied fantastically... Zena did not know whether the nutrients in the alien water had fertilized this explosive growth, or whether the plant growth thrived on sediments from the catastrophic erosion, but thrive it did. The stuff was slippery when squashed, so that she was always afraid of falling. It had a vile smell when bruised.

Zena lifted her head with a startled notion. "The moss—if we could eat that——"