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The Whisper

Written By:Emma Clayton - 2012

  • The Whisper  - Emma Clayton cover
  • The Whisper  - Emma Clayton cover

    Uncorrected Proof


From a Whisper... to a scream

Telepathic twins Mika and Ellie are together again. But they're not free. If they're ever to liberate the brainwashed, microchipped army of children, they must pretend to play along with the tyrant Mal Gorman's maniacal plan—even as they mind-read all his evil thoughts. The cadaverous Gorman foresees a future in which he'll be forever young... that is, as long as the brother-sister fighter pilots fly over to the wild side of The Wall and steal a top-secret age-reversing serum.

But Mika and Ellie have a master plan of their own. They can hear The Whisper. And it's telling them to lead their elite squadron of mutants in a revolt that will either save the world—or start a war.


Uncorrected Proof

The twins stood up, put the silver orbs around their necks, pressed the tops, and vanished.

It happened so fast that the teacher felt a surge of panic despite the presence of guards at every exit. As if guards could offer protection from mutants like these.

"That's enough, children!" she announced nervously, her eyes scanning the room. "Turn them off."

Standing right in front of her, concealed by the invisibility shields, Mika and Ellie watched the worried teacher. And smiled.


The explosive sequel to The Roar!

"Hugely inventive and entertaining. It flies along like a laser beam from a blaster." —Eoin Colfer

"Exciting, thought-provoking, and very hard to put down." —The New York Times Book Review

"This compulsive read should not be started at bedtime!" —Kirkus Review




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