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The Robot Brains

Written By:Sydney J. Bounds - 1967

  • The Robot Brains  - Sydney J. Bounds cover


Monster brains dominate the Earth and destroy man's only hope for survival

Brains without soul

Giant blonde creatures, they were as curvaceous as the bodies of their dwarf men were shriveled.

Captain Christian was the only human who'd ever laid eyes on them. And now he wished he hadn't. They were beauty without heart. Cruel, cold.

And he was their prisoner.


Decapitation at Cambridge!

The headless corpse of Professor Duval, latest victim of the maniac killer, was found early this morning. Duval, one of the world's foremost mathematicians, was said to have been working on a new theory of space-time continuum. It is feared that his papers have been lost.

Was this just another item in the London Times? Or a dire warning that, one by one, the world's leading scientists would be destroyed?

Someone, or something, was trying to reverse the tide of civilization. Trying to reduce man to nothingness.

The evil force had to be stopped—before the last headline the world might ever read was printed!