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Rogue Mage


Written By:Faith Hunter - 2007

  • Host - Faith Hunter cover


After risking her life to save the residents of Mineral City from a fallen seraph of the underorld, Thorn St. Croix finds herself finally accepted, albeit warily. Not so the mage recently arrived from the council of seraphs, who could be her greatest ally—or her most dangerous foe.

A terrible danger threatens Mineral City. The bonds of the Dragon have been loosed, and it will soon be free. As Darkness and its minions overtake the town. Thorn must rally the townspeople together, for only as one can they survive. But her loyalty will be tested by someone she once lost to the Dark: her twin sister.


"A new, strongly unique voice in the dark fantasy genre." —Kim Harrison

"Hunter has created a remarkable interpretation of the aftermath of Armageddon, in which angels and devils once again walk the earth and humans struggle to find a place. Stylish storytelling and gripping drama make this a good addition to most fantasy collections." —Library Journal

"Readers will admire [Thorn's] sacrifice [in] placing others before herself... Fans will enjoy reading about the continuing end of days." —Midwest Book Review

"Hunter's world continues to expand in this highly original fantasy with lively characters where nothing can ever be taken for granted." —Publishers Weekly

"With fast-paced action and the possibility of more romance, this is an enjoyable read with an alluring magical touch." —Darque Reviews




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