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Written By:John Robert Russell - 1974

  • Sar - John Robert Russell cover


A fantastic novel of space-age barbarianism and raw adventure


Nothing remains of the human race but a few tribes struggling to survive. Ruled by strongmen and warlords, the people toil, produce babies, and submit sullenly to brutality and sexual exploitations.

But one man does not submit. His name is Sar, and, though only a slave, he carries within him the rebelious flame of human dignity...

This magnificent novel is Sar's story—a globe-spinning adventure filled with the drama of war, love, and the unquenchable spirit of mankind.


"LONG AGO, THE EARTH WAS ONE WORLD," said the Queen in her soft, musical voice. "Now, my Sar, it is a broken plate, and each of the many fragments is a law unto itself."

"What happened to it?" Sar asked.

"We do not know it?" Sar asked.

"We do not know yet," she replied, stroking his leg with her slender fingers, "But we must find out. It is the work of my ancestors to make the world whole again. And if I fail, my heir must carry on the search."

"But you have no heir."

"Not yet." Her voice was a throaty growl. She looked intently at Sar for a moment. Then she flung herself on top of him...