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Sea Siege

Written By:Andre Norton - 1957

  • Sea Siege - Andre Norton cover

    Fawcett - May 1980 - 1st Printing

  • Sea Siege - Andre Norton cover


  • Sea Siege - Andre Norton cover

    Del Ray


Fawcett - May 1980 - 1st Printing

The deadly war was over—But the seas of the world were infested with a terror that had only just begun...

The worst had happened... or so the survivors of the nuclear holocaust thought. But on an island in the West Indies a small group of American Seabees, scientists and natives knew otherwise, knew that a horror more terrifying than any man had ever known had been unleashed in the seas—and that no one could stop it...


Menace From the Ocean's Floor

On a bleak little island in the West Indies, Griff Gunston faced many baffling questions. Why were so many small island cruisers adrift and abandoned? Why was the sea disease that Griff's scientist father investigating radioactive? Why were the colonies of octopi growing larger and becoming so strangely organized and daring?

Before the answers could be found, civilization blanked out beyond the isolated island. Atomic attack had left the little group isolated, alone in a world gone silent, in a world about to endure the terrors of atomic fallout and total devastation.

But before Griff was to find the answers to the man-made terror he learned that still another danger had come—the danger from the ocean floor where a new and competing type of intelligence was prepared to seize the world for itself.

Del Ray

Mankind's ultimate nightmare had become a reality. Now nature was taking her revenge.

Life was placid on the Caribbean island of San Isadore—until the American Seabees arrived on a secret construction Project. But the islanders were even more concerned about the sudden rash of boat disappearances and the strange creature that had washed up on the beach. Then came the news of impending nuclear war. Even remote San Isadore was no haven against the fury of man's ultimate folly, and when the battered survivors emerged from their shelters, they walked out into a world gone mad!

Not only had the island been nearly scoured clean by the tremors and radiation that followed the final cataclysm, but even the sea itself had turned against them. For just below the surface lurked a horror more terrifying than the nuclear war itself—a horror awakened from the ocean depths and determined to destroy the last remnants of the human race.


Fawcett - May 1980 - 1st Printing

The fish had gone mad...

"Commissioner!" The constable hovered in the doorway. "The boat of the Navy—it sink. The fish fill it all up!"

"What—!" Murray pounded into the hall, his running strides matched by Casey. The rest raced behind them.

They did not reach the wharf. There was no longer a wharf—no longer fishing boats, Navy cutter. There was a writhing sea, which bore struggling bodies ashore to slam them on the rocks.

"Oh, Lord—look!" A voice hardly human in its abandonment to raw fear shrilled weirdly.

Down the streaming road, the water curling before it, came something no sane world could spawn. Its monstrous head swung; fanged jaws opened and closed. It was death that lived and wallowed forward on flipper feet—death such as no man had ever faced before...

Del Ray

The morning after

The blazing torch at sea had not been quenched. And the land was still moving. Then hands fell on Griff's shoulders, jerking him upright. A voice shrieked in his ears words without meaning. But he turned, obedient to those tugging hands. This was the end of the world; why try to escape? Only some instinct far inside him kept him going over the reeling ground, even led him to stop and help claw another staggering figure to its feet. They were out of town now. Scrub thorn and cacti tore at them as they pushed unheedingly through it. The red fires of hell blazed to light them on—on where? There was nothing left for man—no hole to hide in.


Fawcett - May 1980 - 1st Printing

"... the perils of the deep, the fury of the elements, the terrors of atomic war... invested with interest and suspense." —The New York Times

"Sensitively written, thought-provoking work." —Chicago Tribune

"Fast-paced science fiction." —Saturday Review

"Imaginative, compelling science fiction." —Booklist


"The story of the fight made by Griff and his companions against the perils of the deep, the fury of the elements and the terrors of atomic war is one which has been invested with interest and suspense by this craftsman." —New York Times

"One chilling aspect of this fast-paced science-fiction yarn is its period; it is placed in a time not very distant from our own." —Saturday Review

"A sensitively written, thought-provoking work for the more imaginative reader." —Chicago Tribune