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Second Coming

Written By:Nicholas Lamano - 2003

  • Second Coming - Nicholas Lamano cover


The story has been constructed on the basis of Biblical scriptures related to the event of second coming of Jesus Christ. In a fictional scenario, the place of action has been chosen another planet of Istra.The story describes the lives of two men, friends who happened to live in times immediately preceding and following the event of Christ's second coming, which was prophesied to happen one day in ancient scriptures. The friends are caught in the sequence of rapid terrifying events such as global economic depression, third world war and others.At first these take them to different sides of the barricade between good and evil. One of the friends Micho becomes an ardent follower of extreme nationalistic ideas while another one Sashi becomes a believer in kind merciful God. As time passes and situations unfold, Micho learns the hard way to realize the same truth, which his other friend Sashi realized long time before.At the second coming of Christ, when God interferes to save people on Istra, this truth brings them together again. With millions of others all around the planet they begin rebuilding what was destroyed to lay down the foundations of the new beautiful world.