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Shai's Destiny

Written By:Daniel Walther - 1985

  • Shai's Destiny - Daniel Walther cover


"Arise, Wind of Darkness! Come to me, Wind of Night! Come to me shadow and fire, poison, cold, bile and blood!"

And the nightwind answered, for he was the fighting arm of the Great Serpent, the guardian of hateful tradition. His army stirred, marched. Their quarry was the traitor who had swept away the ashes of the old world and who sought to raise a new and cleaner order amidst the ruins of the ancient disasters. Shai was his name.

This is the wonderous epic of Shai's destiny, confronting the horrors that haunted the Burned World. It is fantasy based upon dire prophecy. It's high adventure worthy of a Merritt or a Tolkien.




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