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The Druid of Shannara

Written By:Terry Brooks - 1991

  • The Druid of Shannara  - Terry Brooks cover

    Del Rey MME - 13th printing

  • The Druid of Shannara  - Terry Brooks cover

    Hardback - Del Rey 1991 3rd Printing


Del Rey MME - 13th printing

Quest for the Black Elfstone

In the three hundred years since the death of the Druid Allanon, the mysterious, evil Shadowmen have seized control of the Four Lands. The shade of Allanon summons the four scions of Shannara: Par, Coll, Wren, and Walker Boh. To Walker Boh he gives the duty of restoring the lost Druid's Keep, Paranor. For that, Walker Boh needs the black Elfstone, but his search leads him into a trap.

Quickening, the daughter of the ancient King of the Silver River, finds Walker Boh dying after an attack by the Shadowen Rimmer Dall. She heals Walker Boh and tells him that the Elfstone is in the hands of the Stone King, who seeks to turn all the world to stone. To secure the Elfstone they must travel through the Charnal Mountains into the perilous, unknown land beyond. And no one knows what horrible monsters the Stone King has set to guard his citadel.

They form a strange company to undertake the quest: Walker Boh, with only one arm and no longer able to summon his magic; Morgan Leah, whose once-magic sword has been broken; Quickening, who must depend on the men for her defense; and Pe Ell, an assassin who plans eventually to kill her.

Thus, the quest for the black Elfstone begins.


Del Rey MME - 13th printing

Against the Shadowen

Even with the silver dust exploding all through them, the Shadowen came on. Despairing, Cogline used the last of his power, igniting a wall of flame that brought a temporary halt to their advance. Swiftly he darted inside and snatched the Druid history from its place. Now we'll see!

He barely made the door again before the Shadowen were through the wall and on him. He heard Rimmer Dallas screaming at them. There was nowhere to run and no point in trying, so he simply stood his ground, clutching the book to his chest, a scarecrow in tattered robes before a whirlwind. His attackers came on.

When they were on him, as his body was about to be ripped apart, he felt the rune marking on the book flare to life. Brilliant fire burst forth. Everything within fifty feet was consumed. It remains for you now, Walker Boh, was Cogline's last thought.

He disappeared in the flames.


Hardback - Del Rey 1991 3rd Printing

Again, Terry Brooks demonstrates in this fast-paced fantasy the skills of a master storyteller, whose work has always commanded and fully deserved a place among the top bestsellers.




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