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First King of Shannara

Written By:Terry Brooks - 1996

  • First King of Shannara - Terry Brooks cover

    Del Rey - 1st MME / Printing - March 1997

  • First King of Shannara - Terry Brooks cover

    Del Rey - 17th Printing

  • First King of Shannara - Terry Brooks cover

    Del Rey - 1st Ed March 1996


Del Rey - 1st MME / Printing - March 1997

The Second War of the Races

Horrified by the misuse of Magic they had witnessed during the First War of the Races, the Druids at Paranor devoted themselves to the study of the old sciences. Only Bremen and a few trusted associates still studied the arcane arts. And for his persistence, Bremen found himself outcast, avoided by all but the few freethinkers among the Druids.

But his removal from Paranor was not altogether a terrible thing for, during his travels, Bremen learned that dark forces were on the move from the Northlands. And at the heart of the evil tide was an archmage and former Druid named Brona.

Using the special skills he had acquired through his own study of Magic, Bremen was able to penetrate the huge camp of the Troll army and learn many of its secrets. And he immediately understood that if the peoples of the Four Lands were to escape eternal subjugation, they would need to unite. But, even united, they would need a weapon, something so powerful that the evil Magic of Brona, the Warlock Lord, would fail before its might...

Del Rey - 17th Printing

First King of Shannara is the prequel volume of the classic series that has become one of the most popular fantasy tales of all time

Outcast by the Druids for his devotion to the forbidden art of Magic, Bremen discovers that dark forces are on the move, led by the Warlock Lord, Brona.

If the peoples of the Four Lands are to escape eternal subjugation, they must unite. But they need a weapon, something so powerful that the evil Magic of Brona will fail before its might.

Del Rey - 1st Ed March 1996

Upon the shoulders of Pen Ohmsford rests no less than the future of the Four Lands...

Loyal to none but herself and lethal even to those closet to her, Shadea a'Ru now holds sway as High Druid of Paranor—her ascension to power all but unchallenged in the wake of Grianne Ohmsford's sudden, mysterious vanishing. Only Shadea and her catspaw—the treacherous Prime Minister Sen Dunsidan—know the secret fate of the true Ard Rhys... for it was they who engineered it, by means of dark magic. And now Grianne languishes in the fearsome and inescapable netherworld called the Forbidding.

Their bloodless coup a success, the corrupt pair, and their confederates within the Druid Council, seek to make their dominion over the Four Lands absolute—with the aid of a devastating new weapon. But it could all be undone if Grianne's young nephew. Penderrin, succeeds in his frantic quest to rescue her. Shadea's airship-borne minions and the relentless assassin under her command continue their fierce pursuit of Pen and his comrades.

Eluding death is only half the battle for Pen. To breach the Forbidding and bring Grianne back to the natural world means finding the fabled Tanequil... and the taliman it alone can provide. That means journeying into the Inkrim—a dreaded region thick with shadows and haunted by harrowing legends. It also means striking a bargain more dire than Pen could ever imagine. But there can be no turning back. For in her unearthly prison, the Ard Rhys faces a demonic plight too hideous to countenance...


Del Rey - 1st MME / Printing - March 1997

A Skull Bearer gave orders and crooked-limb monsters ascended the stairs in a knot of teeth and claws and weapons. The small band of Druid Guard repulsed the rush. The monsters came again, and again the Guard threw them back. But by then half the defenders were dead or injured. And no more had arrived to replace them.

Caerid Lock looked around in despair. Where were the Druids? Why didn't they respond?

The monsters attacked a third time, a bristling mass of thrashing bodies and windmilling limbs, shrieks and cries rising out of gaping throats. The Druid Guard counterattacked, beating them back down the stairway, leaving half their number sprawled lifeless on the blood-slicked steps.

Grabbing a Guard by the tunic, Caerid whispered desperately, "Find the Druids and tell them to flee while there is still time! Tell them Paranor is lost! Then flee yourself!"

Seconds later, the creatures of the Warlock Lord surged up the stairway once more. Caerid and his men braced to meet them.

But this time the monsters were too many...


Del Rey - 1st MME / Printing - March 1997

"Stunning... Brooks incorporates all the elements of good fantasy." —Magazine (Baton Rouge, LA)

Del Rey - 17th Printing

The New York Times bestseller

Continuing the enthralling epic, First King of Shannara takes us back to the beginning, in a spectacular prelude to the spellbinding tale of adventure, magic, and myth...

Del Rey - 1st Ed March 1996

Events that began in Jarka Runs, Book One of High Druid of Shannara, come swifty to a head in this second thrilling volume. Alliances are made, trusts are betrayed, and prices are paid. Through it all, Terry Brooks orchestrates the action with the flawless hand of a master mythmaker—fashioning another exquisite link in his chain of bestselling epics.




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