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The Talismans of Shannara

Written By:Terry Brooks - 1993

  • The Talismans of Shannara  - Terry Brooks cover

    Del Rey - 1st MME Edition - March 1994

  • The Talismans of Shannara  - Terry Brooks cover

    Orbit - 2006

  • The Talismans of Shannara  - Terry Brooks cover

    Hardback - Del Rey 1993


Del Rey - 1st MME Edition - March 1994

The descendants of the Elven house of Shannara had all completed their quests. Walker Boh had restored the Druid's Keep with the Black Elfstone. Wren had restored the missing Elves to the Four Lands. And Par had found what was quite possibly the legendary Sword of Shannara.

But their work was not yet done. The Shadowen still swarmed over the Four Lands, poisoning all with their dark magic. And the leader of the Shadowen, Rimmer Dall, was determined that the scions of Shannara would not share the knowledge that would end the sickness. For Walker, he would dispatch the Four Horsemen. For Wren, he sent an untrue friend. And for Par, he devised the most terrible fate of all.

The charges given by the shade of the Druid Allanon were doomed to failure—unless the Shannara children could escape the traps being laid for them, and Par could find a way to use... the Sword of Shannara!


Del Rey - 1st MME Edition - March 1994


Desperate to help his brother, before every chance was gone, Par impulsively jammed the Sword of Shannara into the earth before him. He reached to take hold of Coll's hands and fastened Coll's chill, shaking fingers around the pommel of the Sword, holding them there with his own. Please let the magic come, begged Par.

Light flared down the length of the Sword's smooth blade. Fire followed. Par felt it extend and weave, drawing him out of himself and into the talisman, there to find Coll waiting, there to join the brothers as one.

The Sword of Shannara. The magic of the Sword. Listen to me, Coll. Listen to the truth.

Coll reared back and screamed then—and his hands wrenched free of the Sword...


Hardback - Del Rey 1993

Here, in the final volume of his bestselling series, THE HERITAGE OF SHANNARA, Terry Brooks tells of the culmination of the struggle between a handful of determined heroes and the insidious, pervasive evil that seeks to crush them.




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