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Sharp North

Sharp North

Written By:Patrick Cave - 2004

  • Sharp North - Patrick Cave cover


in a futuristic world will everyone be replaceable?

two centuries from now. the oceans have risen, the climate has transformed, and ancient war, disease and starvation has left its mark. whilst much of the world has become unbearably hot, northern europe is coming out of its deepfreeze years.

mira lives in a tiny electricity-generating community on the scottish coast. she runs the frozen mountains in the dawn light, teaches the other children and helps the women prepare food. she is happy enough.

then comes the morning when, as she is preparing to run, she spies a stranger watching her from amongst the trees. a woman in her middle years. and then suddenly there are huge shapes coming through the forest and the woman is flying towards her, hand outstretched. but even as she comes close to mira, the hunters appear and shoot her down. within a few minutes the fierce men and their prey have disappeared,leaving mira's life changed forever and setting her on a journey to discover who she really is. soon mira has become prey herself, fleeing frantically across the snowbound wastes.




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