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The Shivered Sky

Written By:Matt Dinniman - 2003

  • The Shivered Sky  - Matt Dinniman cover


The War is over.

The demons have won.

Cibola, the citadel of Heaven, has fallen.

On Earth, life goes on. No one knows of the war, of the death, of the fire. No one knows that when you die all paths lead to the same eternity: one of torment, slavery, and eternal pain.

For Indigo, Dave, Gramm, Rico, and Hitomi, death is more dangerous than life. Afraid and naked, they awaken on a forgotten beacon. They set forth seeking answers, revealing a shattered landscape, one crawling with bloodthirsty demons, defeated angels, a Heaven that continues to burn, and a prophecy that offers only the barest sliver of hope.