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The Silence

Written By:Jim Kraus - 2004

  • The Silence  - Jim Kraus cover


His thunder announces the coming storm...

A malignant stillness

In Los Angeles, Tom Lyton works as a successful scriptwriter. He's father to a precious baby girl, husband to a beautiful wife.

Megan Smith is a rising star in the financial world, manipulating the commodities market for personal gain from a New York office.

On his rural property in Illinois, Peter Wilson works the land and cares for his small family.

In a mere moment, everything changes.

A series of catastrophic natural events throws the world into a mass panic — and a virtual silence. Communication systems and computer technologies are devastated. Law and order all but vanish as domestic terrorism and vigilante justice battle to control the terrified population. In the wake of the disaster, Tom, Megan, and Peter must each confront ghosts of the past to forge ahead and find hope for the future.

Their separate journeys collide when a small-town pastor breaches the silence, broadcasting his timely, compelling ministry over generator-powered radio equipment. But does the Reverend Jerry Moses preach the truth? Or does he weave lies that threaten to destroy what goodness remains in this stark new reality?