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The Silent Victor

Written By:Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti - 2001

  • The Silent Victor  - Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti cover


In one instance and a single act of terrorism ... it's all over.
You can't see it nor can you smell it. You aren't even aware that you have taken it in. In a crowded New York subway a deadly airborne virus has been released. There is no cure. No stopping it. Within twenty-four hours, it will be too late.

The struggle to survive is witnessed through the eyes of a small group of people as they battle an unseen and invincible foe. You will watch as they do, their world and everyone they love, crumble in the devastation of the virus.

Hope, faith and humanity are tested as the silent victor runs its course.

No one said life would be easy. No one said life would be fair. No one said life couldn't end. With one simple breath of fresh air.