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Unto Zeor Forever

Written By:Jacqueline Lichtenberg - 1978

  • Unto Zeor  Forever - Jacqueline Lichtenberg cover


The world could lose half the human race

Humanity has mutated into two distinct races—where the tentacle touch of a Sime means instant death to a Gen. Now only the rare Sime "Channels" are able to maintain an uneasy truce.

Into this explosive situation comes Digen Farris, descendant of the first channel and ruler of the legendary House of Zeor. He dares to do the unthinkable: Digen Farris wants to be a doctor, and his struggle to become the first Sime surgeon could plunge the world into destruction and chaos once more...


"Seize Him! Digen Farris is an outlaw!"

The other channels spread out, trying to ensnare Digen. He skinned free; if they got a grip on him he would die on public display—his cries for mercy broadcast as an object lesson to every part of the world.

"Don't you realize what we've done?" Digen shouted. "We saved the life of a Sime with Gen surgery. It's a step to reunite mankind!"

"He's insane," cried Beccard. "Get him before he hurts someone."

Digen eluded them again and jumped up on the makeshift operating table. All at once he saw the unbreachable wall in their minds, their hearts. In a manic rage, he ripped the double-crested ring from his hand.

"The Tecton is dead!" he screamed. "The House of Zeor is dead! And may you know you have done before you all die!"


"This is science fiction in the grand manner... absolutely compelling." —The New York Times Book Review

"House of Zeor created a fervent cult. The second novel of the mutated Simes and their symbiotic-vampiric relationship will be welcomed by enthusiasts." —Publishers Weekly

"Well written and very good—highly recommended." —The Newshopper International




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