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Zelerod's Doom

Written By:Jacqueline Lichtenberg / Jean Lorra - 1986

  • Zelerod's Doom - Jacqueline Lichtenberg / Jean Lorra cover


It is the time of ultimate testing for the mutated humans of Earth!

Day of Doom—or Hope for a New Future?

Earth, the day after tomorrow, when a bizarre mutation has split humanity between Simes and Gens. Two kinds of humans, deadly enemies, the Simes forced to slay Gens to gain the life-giving selyn which only Gens preduced.

But in the territory of the Simes, small groups of Simes and Gens have gathered into Householdings, working together to prevent the long-predicted day of Zelerod's Doom when, with one Gen left for every Sime to kill, the final destruction of all humankind will begin.

And with drought and disease rampant, with Freeband Raider Simes and Wild Gens roaming the land bent on murder, and with the Gen Army mobilizing for a desperate invasion of Sime territory, can even legenday Householdings like Zeor and Keon find the means to save this world gone mad?


Alarm! Alarm! Alarm!

Risa ambrov Keon scramled up the slope to where Sime fought Sime with deadly intent. Yet even as Risa raced to aid her fellow guard, three Simes carrying a Genhunter's net joined forces to entrap Risa.

Risa evaded her attackers but one of them netted Muryin, heir of the House of Zeor, and dragged her to higher ground. As the rest of the party from the Householdings arrived, the Sime holding Muryin hostage pressed a stiletto against the terrified child's eye.

And as the Householders froze in horror, the enemy leader shouted. "One more step, and the House of Zeor is dead!"




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