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The Slaves of Heaven

Written By:Edmund Cooper - 1974

  • The Slaves of Heaven  - Edmund Cooper cover


Man's primitive descentdants preyed upon by slavemasters from the sky

They Were The Night Comers...

No one could say if they were ghosts or gods or devils. They only knew they came from the sky, silver clad, ominous, with a Medusa glance that could freeze a man in his tracks. They stole women and carried them off to heaven, decimating the Earth's population and threatening the survival of the human species.

Berry, chief of the Londos clan, frustrated by the uselessness of his tribes' primitive weapons, ventures into the inner circle of the Night Comers and is spirited away in their ship to their home in the stars. There, Berry's fight for survival holds the key to the existence of his own world and that of the Night Comers as well.


"Greetings... to the people of Heaven Seven, from Berry, the chief of the Londos tribe on Earth. Your Controller has sworn to kill me. I await his coming. He calls me a dirtside savage, and thinks himself a better man. Thus far, this dirtside savage has disabled many robots. Doubtless more will be sent against me. I have two companions. If the Controller truly believes that ristos are superior to dirtside savages, let him also come against me with two companions. If he needs more, he will have already shown that he is weak and unfit to be chief of his clan. That is all I have say to."