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Solar Flare

Written By:Larry Burkett - 1997

  • Solar Flare - Larry Burkett cover


Professor Jason Hobart, an expert on solar energy, was a rising star in the academic community until one misinterpreted prediction made him a laughingstock. Mocked by the media, discredited by his collegues and plagued by self doubt. Jason now faces the greatest challenge of his career.


"Mr. President, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but Professor Hobart is on the line."

Houston had a flash of irritation.

"Mary, tell the professor I'll call him back," he said sharply.

"But Mr. President, Professor Hobart said they've had a confirmed solar flare of at least a level 8."

"What?" Houston exclaimed. "Put him on, Mary."

Mary connected the lines.

"This is President Houston. Tell me what's happening, Professor."

"Mr. President, I'm sorry to bother you, but I knew you would want to hear. We've just had a major eruption in area 403, and Dr. Onera at Tokyo University confirms it's at least a level 8 flare."

"What does that mean?" the president asked skeptically.

"Mr. President, I know you've lost a lot of confidence in me. I can't blame you. I've lost a lot of confidence in myself. But, Sir, this is for real."

"It's a level 8-plus solar flare, and it's going to cause enormous damage. We have less than three days."

"To do what?" the president said sharply.

"At a minimum, you need to ground all aircraft, as we discussed earlier, and you need to power down all equipment during the daylight phase of this flare. A level 8 flare, Mr. President, could conceivably disable most of our electronic equipment. And you should warn the other nations."


In his latest thriller, Larry Burkett describes the potentially awesome power of a major solar flare and dramatic life changing effects it could have on our electronic-dependent society, including the breakdown of travel, society, communications, and law and order. Changes that not only affect our lives but our faith as well.