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In Solitary

Written By:Garry Kilworth - 1977

  • In Solitary - Garry Kilworth cover


A future in chains. A woman in need. A man in revolt.

An alien race of winged conquerors rules the Earth. Humans are kept in rigid isolation from each other, except for controlled mating. Only two dare to join forces in an illicit bond of love and revolt:

Cave the last Earthman in Brytan, banished from the crystal-walled city to the desolate mudflats of Hess, where each tide drives the solitary exiles to the refuge of transparent needle-towers.

Stella the beautiful, determined revolutionary, sworn to overthrow Earth's tyrannical, bird-like oppressors, even as she carried a bold and startling secret.

Together they fleet to the exotic South Seas Islands where they defy their extraterrestrial masters and explore seductive new worlds of passion. Then, from the stars, from which had come their subjugation, falls hope of rescue—and a brutal, unexpected choice...



I faced the master, Klees of Brytan, as he trembled with rage. A wave ran through his feathers like the wind over a field of long grass—a sign that I was truly in disgrace...

"You have betrayed us. After all our kindness you have finally shown us your true side, Terran animal. You must go."

I had now to go out and live on the mud wastes, never again to set foot on the dry land of my home country. I was the last human to leave Brytan and I went regretfully. The Soal had all the main land over the whole Earth. Some of them, the central continentals, had never seen a human in their whole lives, yet once upon a time we crawled over the surface of the world in our millions. Now we lived on the islands and areas of waste ground which the Soal did not want. A race of hermits that prayed to the Weyym of Boudless Space for the simultaneous death of every living Soal in the universe.