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Spider World

The Delta

Written By:Colin Wilson - 1987

  • The Delta  - Colin Wilson cover


Meet the new Lord of the Earth...

Mankind once ruled planet Earth, smugly ignoring the tiny creatures crawling underfoot. Then came the cosmic catastrophe which put man at the mercy of the giant spiders, icily intelligent conquerors armed with awesome mind powers. It's their planet now—but even they fear...

Somewhere in the Delta's hundreds of square miles of jungle and swamp, a power exists that could free mankind from its merciless eight-legged masters. Psionic rebel Niall and his band of adventurers seek the mysterious force deep within a green hell where evolution run wild... a forbidden zone of man-eating plants, vampiric forests, murderous man-frogs, and 200-yard-long centipedes... a cosmic arena where an ancient godlike being holds the secrets of Creation.


The ground was flat, and they could see for fifty yards in either direction. Suddenly, Ulic was engulfed by something black that rose out of the ground. Its head split into writhing tentacles, which wrapped themselves around Ulic's arms and neck as he struggled.

His screams were horrible, but they ceased as a black tentacle wrapped itself round his head, covering his mouth.

It's their planet now... or is it?


"Most formidable; a really fine work of imaginative fantasy!" —Richard Adams, author of Watership Down

"Brilliantly managed, skillfully executed." —London Times

"A masterpiece in the hands of a storyteller like Colin Wilson... thrilling... truly unforgettable... The Spider World series could easily become a cult!" —Western Morning News

"Bizarre... convincing... the action and the setting are excellently conveyed." —Fantasy Review




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