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Spider World

The Fortress

Written By:Colin Wilson - 1987

  • The Fortress  - Colin Wilson cover


Meet the new Lord of the Earth...

Mankind once ruled planet Earth, smugly ignoring the tiny creatures crawling underfoot. Then came the cosmic catastrophe which put man at the mercy of the giant spiders, icily intelligent conquerors armed with awesome mind powers. It's their planet now, except for...

Enslaved humanity cherishes the legend of the lost Fortress and its world-shattering weaponry. Seeking the mythic citadel is Niall, the first of a new breed of psionic warriors. Battling monsters and traitors, he leads a rebel band on a desperate quest deep in the Death Lord spider's domain. And as they hunt for the ultimate weapon... a spider army hunts them.


The tall, bald-headed overseer said, "Why have you only brought nineteen slaves?"

"There were twenty when we set out." Niall had counted them.

The man shrugged. "I suppose a spider got one of them."

"You mean one has been eaten?"

"You're lucky you didn't get eaten yourself."

It's their planet now... or is it?


"Most formidable; a really fine work of imaginative fantasy!" —Richard Adams, author of Watership Down

"Brilliantly managed, skillfully executed." —London Times

"A masterpiece in the hands of a storyteller like Colin Wilson... thrilling... truly unforgettable... The Spider World series could easily become a cult!" —Western Morning News

"Bizarre... convincing... the action and the setting are excellently conveyed." —Fantasy Review




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