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Spider World

The Tower

Written By:Colin Wilson - 1987

  • The Tower  - Colin Wilson cover


Meet the new Lord of the Earth...

Mankind once ruled planet Earth, smugly ignoring the tiny creatures crawling underfoot. Then came the cosmic catastrophe which put man at the mercy of the giant spiders, icily intelligent conquerors armed with awesome mind powers. Now, man's only hope for survival lies within...

Eight-legged Death Lords rule over all. Humans exist only to serve them as slaves, breeding animals, and food. Any human aggression or rebellion is ruthlessly suppressed. But if the spiders are the undisputed masters of Earth, why do they fear the Tower? So wonders Niall, the young human warrior whose deadliest weapon is his psionic brain. Built by a long-dead race, the Tower is impervious to all the masters' attempts to destroy it. Is it a lifeless monument—or does it hold the key to humanity's chains?


Human minds were molded by the spiders. They were the undisputed masters of their human slaves. But what they had not anticipated was that another human might take advantage of their training and achieve direct control of their slaves.

Now, Niall was suddenly aware of why the Death Lord was so anxious to uncover his secret. If human beings could master the techniques of mind control, then the days of spider supremacy were over...

It's their planet now... or is it?


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"Brilliantly managed, skillfully executed." —London Times

"A masterpiece in the hands of a storyteller like Colin Wilson... thrilling... truly unforgettable... The Spider World series could easily become a cult!" —Western Morning News

"Bizarre... convincing... the action and the setting are excellently conveyed." —Fantasy Review




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