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Written By:C. J. Cherryh - 1981

  • Sunfall - C. J. Cherryh cover


In the cities of time to come

Men had gone to the stars; they had trod the soil of distant planets and settled their colonies; yet the homeworld of Earth remained. It was legend; it was a place of nostalgia for mankind's lost youth; it was always there. For every one or daughter who had departed for the stars, there were those who preferred the original skies and winds of the world which had first endured humanity's trials and triumphs.

The cities remained. Over the eons, facing the sunset of Terra, they still stood. Changed, yet retaining their individuality, their unique characteristics, their ancient prides.


There was nothing left to do on Earth, nothing at all, for the vanities were all exposed, the ambitions, the conceits of empire, the meaningless nature of power on one world, when greater powers now spanned the void and embraced worlds in the plural, when those powers themselves had had time to grow old and to decay many times. Earth had seen it all...

The sun was old, and the moon looming large and sickly in the sky, lurid with the reflected glow of the ailing sun. Earth and the City could have no ambitions. Ambitions were for younger worlds. For the City there was only pleasure.

And the dreaming...


C. J. Cherryh, many honored author, has produced in Sunfall a book of marvels in which six mighty cities laden with the grandeur of history confront their fates... and those of the Earth-born who loved them. This is a truly unique work.