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The Legend

Written By:Jerry Ahern - 1991

  • The Legend  - Jerry Ahern cover


A super survivalist adventure pits John Thomas Rourke against bloodthristy Neo-Nazi armies!

The fiery destruction of nuclear war and its deadly aftermath have driven the free world to its knees, enslaved by the victorious Soviet invaders. John Thomas Rourke—ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons specialist and supreme survival expert, leads the forces of freedom in the bloody fight against oppression to save an all but devastated future Earth.

Rourke and his raiders break the stranglehold of the Red armies, winning back the West after a massive high-tech battle on land and sea. But secret factions threaten the hard-won peace in the freed capital of Eden—and a terrorist bomb mortally wounds Rourke, forcing him into the healing sub zero mists of cryogenic sleep for decades. While he sleeps, a new tyranny grows: Neo-Nazi dictator Martin and the hordes of bloodthirsty land pirates from the wastelands crush democracy under the tracks of their huge mobile fortresses equipped with plasmapowered mega cannons. Humanity's only hope is to revive The Survivalist in time to stop the insane menace before millions die and freedom is lost forever.



"Hold me!" Rourke shouted below, feeling Natalia's hand grab his as he wedged himself into the corner of the moon roof. He swung the energy weapon to his shoulder like a shotgun, settled the front sight on the center of the lead chopper and fired, then fired again in the same breath.

The helicopter, close now, was suddenly aflame, the fireball rushing toward the staff car. Rourke twisted and threw himself downward, his arms going around Natalia to protect her lest the fireball be sucked in through the open driver's side door.

The car rocked, Rourke's skin hot, then cold. He was up, Natalia shouting "Be careful!" He lifted the energy weapon again, feeling her hands on him, swung the weapon to his shoulder and fired on the next helicopter.

He missed.

The chopper was pounding the air overhead, hovering as it fixed the staff car in its gunsights.

There was time for only one more shot.

And no time to aim...




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