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Written By:Jerry Ahern - 1988

  • Mid-Wake - Jerry Ahern cover


A super survivalist adventure leads John Thomas Rourke on a deadly underwater mission!

World War III and its aftermath of all-consuming global fire has left civilization on the brink of extinction. But John Thomas Rourke—ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons specialist and survival expert—still lives, fighting the elements and the odds. He will not be denied another chance at life to thwart the communist takeover of the devastated planet.

But unknown to the survivors on the Earth's surface, human life endured the nuclear nightmare beneath the seas—the Russians in a soaring, multi-domed suboceanic city and the Americans in a secret underwater military complex called Mid-Wake. For years these deepwater foes have waged a fierce and bloody war across the ocean floor—until the Reds discover the earth's surface is habitable. If they emerge to join Marshal Vladmir Karamatsov's killer army on the surface, what remains of the free world is doomed. It's up to Rourke—The Survivalist—to enter the undersea world and bring his fight for freedom to the fathomless depths and make sure the deadly alliance of evil never occurs!


It was a nightmare world!

John Thomas Rourke could not move, could not wake up. But he could see the creatures through the window, creatures with bulbous heads and translucent wings flying through the water. Lights streamed from their heads and hands. In the distance was a great, black shape. Rourke had seen something that big in the water before—but why was an aircraft carrier deep in the water here? And just as suddenly he knew the carrier-sized thing was a submarine of monstrous proportions.

A bright yellow light flooded the water from the submarine and the winged creatures drew their wings about them, folding them back, slipping up toward the light and vanishing inside.

And suddenly Rourke felt himself being drawn upward toward the light. And he realized he was waking up and that soon the dream would be over... if it was a dream!




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