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The Web

Written By:Jerry Ahern - 1983

  • The Web  - Jerry Ahern cover


If civilization were destroyed today—would John Thomas Rourke be able to survive...?

John Thomas Rourke M.D., ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons expert, and survival authority, has accomplished one of his goals—he's helped his young friend Paul Rubinstein locate his parents. Now, Rourke's search for his own family must continue, hampered by severe storms raging along the Eastern Seaboard caused by the earthquakes which destroyed Florida.

Rourke picks up his relentless quest, avoiding the Russian troops searching for the missing data on the enigmatic Eden Project, and rides into the most bizarre situation he's discovered since the Night of the War.

Life in the Tennessee mountain village is all too normal, seemingly unaffected by the war. It is there that John Thomas Rourke finds himself in the middle of a mass suicide pact... and is expected to participate!

While battles rage and blizzards roar, Rourke fights to escape. He must go on—he is THE SURVIVALIST


The Outsider

John Rourke looked at the Rolex; the exterior of the crystal was steamed so he smudged it away with his right glove, then studied the time. It was eight-thrity.

He leaned against the pint trunk, staring down into the valley, the wind behind him now, the sweater pulled down from covering his head, his leather jacket unzipped and wide open. The Bushnell Armored 8X30s focused under his hands as he swept them across the valley floor. A town—a perfect town, nothing changed. A blue-grass band was playing in the town square, strains of the music barely audible in the distance; children played behind a crowd of spectators surrounding the band; a car moved along the far side of town, its lights setting a pattern of zigzags in the shadows where the streetlights didn't hit.

For an instant only, Rourke questioned his own sanity, then dismissed the idea.

He was sane; it was what he saw that wasn't sane.

He and Natalia and Paul had often talked about it—a world gone mad; but beneath him now, on the valley floor, was a world that hadn't changed. Was that madness?




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