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Written By:S. M. Stirling - 2000

  • Infiltrator - S. M. Stirling cover


The future we feare is now...

In secret and alone, one woman, one man, and one boy battle for humankind's survival.

The next epic conflict in the war against the tyrant machines has begun.

Armageddon is here.

Sarah Conner and her son, John, know the grim tomrrow that awaits their species if the Cyberdyne Corporation gets their Skynet system on-line. Targeted for annihilation because of their future destinies, the Connors have already survived two separate attempts on their lives by advanced Terminator killing machines. But enough T-800 detritus remains from their last life-and-death struggle to enable Cyberdyne to recover. The nightmare is back on track. And the most fearsome and relentless cyborg weapons of all has been dispatched through time to ensure Skynet's victory: a machine so like its human prey that detection is virtually impossible.

Considered a dangerous terrorist by the U.S. government and hiding out in Paraguay. Sarah sees another T-800 similar to the cybernetic killer from whom she once narrowly escaped. But while his form and features will eventually be dupicated on many Terminator units, former counterterrorism operative Dieter von Rossbach is very much a man, irresistibly drawn to the puzzling, beautiful, deadly serious Sarah Connor and her brilliant teenage son. And once Sarah reveals her dark history and awakens him to the impending possible extermination of all human life, Dieter is drawn to her revolution as well.

But the machine masters of the near future have ensured that they will not be thwarted again. A new breed of enforcer, one designed to effortlessly infiltrate the ranks of the enemy, has been firmly entrenched in the uppermost level of Cyberdyne Corporation. With a vengeance seeking FBI agent on a tight leash and the inexhaustible resources of the Cyberdyne to support the hunt for the Connors and their allies, the I-950 Infiltrator is relentless, programmed to pursue Skynet's goal until all targets are dead. But unlike its technological predecessors, the Infiltrator understands how humans think and feel... and she truly enjoys the blood and the chase.


The Terminator legacy lives on! In the able hands of acclaimed author S.M. Stirling the gripping human struggle to rescue the future soars to breath-stopping new heights.

Exploding out of the long shadows cast by Terminator 2: Judgement Day—the cinematic action masterwork that rocked the world—T2: Infiltrator marks a bold new beginning in the stunning apocalyptic epic that has already become a legend.




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