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Ten to Midnight

Written By:Toby Murray - 2000

  • Ten to Midnight - Toby Murray cover


In the near future, Russia has been brought to its knees by a brutal war with Ukrainian nationalists. Following the sudden death of Russia's President, a group of senior military officers move to seize power and bring the war to a swift conclusion by considering methods previously deemed unthinkable. Their strategy, however, is fatally flawed, and a series of miscalculations leads to a sudden nuclear confrontation with the U.S.A.. In the world's hour of need, Dr Lewis Stein, a Russian capabilities expert and former CIA field officer, is brought out of retirement to help an inexperienced President prevent a limited exchange from escalating into global apocalypse. But with chaos sweeping the globe and paranoia at fever pitch, the odds are stacked in the favor of armageddon. Meticulously researched and horribly realistic, Ten To Midnight is the story of a war that could yet sweep the globe.