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Testament XXI

Written By:Guy Snider - 1973

  • Testament XXI - Guy Snider cover


Rewrite the sacred past—and revise the fateful future

When Astronaut Williamson returned after the longest flight ever made he found that the great civilization that had launched him was gone... destroyed in a chaos of its own creation. But somewheres in what had once been Michigan the Republic welcomed him back. The Republic that was a kingdom, the Republic that consisted of one underground city ruled by a weakling monarch and a power-hungry priesthood.

Testament XXI is a story of the time of showdown, one hundred years after Doomsday, when men still yearned to learn the meaning of their continued existence, and when all that humanity had held sacred for two thousand years had been perverted to a continued drive for mortal ambitions.


Testament XXI is a novel not quite like any you have ever read in modern science fiction.

After Armageddon?

Science fiction is a literature of ideas. It is also a literature of adventure, quest, and speculation. In these days of the latter third of the Twentieth Century, it follows that its concepts often reflect that which is the concern of the time.

In Testament XXI we present the first novel of one of the generation which will determine the fate of the balance of the century. On the surface, it could be said that Testament XXI is another novel about the world after a devastating war—the underground city and the problems of its survivors.

But Testament XXI is much more than that. It is a novel of speculation and intent. Guy Snyder, its author, has used it as a vehicle to outline the kind of speculation which has been the province of such writers as Thomas M. Disch, Mark Geston, and Harlan Ellison. It may be read on whatever level you choose. But on any level you will not want to miss a remarkable science fiction experience.