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Guardians, The

Plague Years

Written By:Richard Austin - 1988

  • Plague Years - Richard Austin cover


World War III is over... and the ultimate battle for control has begun


From the nuclear devastation of World War III rose the Guardians. Guerrilla freedom fighters in a United States fallen prey to invading forces. They are the last reminder of what America stood for—and the last hope of what America can be once more.

What's left of America is about to become history. A madman has control of the ultimate weapon—a virus so powerful it will make the nightmare of the nuclear holocaust look like the senior prom. A few drops could wipe out a city. And the madman called Morrigan has enough to destroy the continent—and will—unless he's named the new ruler.

The Guardians have just forty-eight hours to terminate Morrigan before he unleashes the most devastating plague mankind has ever seen...


Methods of Interrogation

A fist thudded against the side of McKay's head. It was a very large fist, powered by a very large arm.

McKay barely felt it. His brain seemed to be packed in those little plastic intestine things they used to ship stereo parts in.

Colonel Ivan Vesensky, former operative of the KGB and current traitor, shook his neat narrow head. "Such technique. You'll jar any information they have out of their minds before you get it out of their mouths, that way."

Major Llewellyn stood massaging one hamhock fist, smearing blood over the knuckle he'd cut on the edge of McKay's tooth. "You were part of this little setup, Russki. Why don't you tell us the details?"

The trim head shook again. McKay fuzzily regretted not being able to break it open...



"Fast and furious... nonstop adventure!" —Mile High Futures




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