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Guardians, The

Snake Eyes

Written By:Richard Austin - 1990

  • Snake Eyes - Richard Austin cover


World War III is over... and the ultimate battle for control has begun


World War III was a nuclear nightmare that lasted only one day. America was left shattered nation. Its only hope for survival: The Guardians. A handpicked force of elite troubleshooters, they live for peace... and kill for freedom.

Dr. Mallory, top scientist for the tryannical Federated State of Europe, has crash-landed somewhere in the heart of the United States. His knowledge of orbital laser systems could tilt the balance of world power—and save America from total domination. The Guardians want him alive. So do the FSE goons.

But now Chairman Maximov has unleashed his most lethal weapon: a gana of uniformed cutthroats known as Serpent Squad. Their ultimate mission: Destroy the Guardians!



Another explosion, this one even nearer, erupted in the water.

"Make some tracks, Casey. And while you're at it, make it a little harder to draw a bead on us," McKay said. "Then we'll just sit and let them come to us. You about ready on that ninteen, Tom?"

"Loaded and ready," Rogers acknowledged.

Mobile One settled to a level crawl just out of range and right in the middle of the stream. The turret whined as Tom slowly swiveled the M-19 grenade launcher toward its target.

Suddenly the tiny deck of the sub squirmed with activity. McKay watched through the viewpoint as a beared man dropped the recoilless rifle overboard and scrambled for the open hatch. "They see you coming, Tom," McKay smiled.

"Do they?" Rogers said. "Do you think they'll see this?" He fired the grenade launcher and the baby submarine erupted in a ball of flame...



"Fast and furious... nonstop adventure!" —Mile High Futures




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