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Guardians, The

Vengeance Day

Written By:Richard Austin - 1987

  • Vengeance Day - Richard Austin cover


World War III is over... and the ultimate battle for control has begun


Frow the nuclear devastation of World War III rose the Guardians—guerrilla freedom fighters in a United States fallen prey to invading forces. They are the last reminder of what America stood for—and the last hope of what America once more can be.

Have the Guardians turned into traitors? A grisly trail of slaughter points directly at them. Soon they're facing fire not only from the FSE's, but from their own government as well! In truth, a savage team of imposters is responsible for the carnage.

Cowboy—a twisted FSE merc—walks point for the murderous crew, determined to draw the Guardians into the open. But when the hunted become the hunters, the Guardians and Cowboy's commandos turn a rural wasteland into a blood-soaked battlefield!


"Movement, McKay," Sloan said from the one-man turret.

Lights glared into life on the ESO console. Buzzers bellowed in alarm.

"Christ, they're surronding us," McKay said. "Casey—"

Casey hit the gas and got them out of there, spilling McKay to the deck with jackrabbit acceleration.

"Sloan! What are you waiting for? Fire 'em up!" McKay bellowed as he slid hard into the engine housing.

"But they're friends!"

The car rocked to the explosion of a 40-mm grenade that filled the compartment with thunderous noise.



"Fast and furious... nonstop adventure!" —Mile High Futures




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