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Marauders, The

Blood Kin

Written By:Michael McGann - 1989

  • Blood Kin - Michael McGann cover


FROM THE CREATORS OF THE GUARDIANS World War III is over... The fight for Europe begins!


Out of the ashes of nuclear war, THE GUARDIANS rose up as America's last line of defense. But rebuilding a shattered nation wasn't enough for these guerrilla Freedom Fighters. Enemy forces were massing in Europe, plotting the ultimate takeover. World War IV was inevitable, And so THE GUARDIANS created a unique hunter-killer commando unit to send overseas. An unstoppable force of elite warriors. Their code name...


For centuries the Irish have been plagued by "the Troubles"—a blood storm of religious strife and bitter civil war. It didn't stop after World War III. The hostile factions are willing to fight until doomsday. Which might come sooner than they think, because master spy O'Malley—a top agent of KGB Chairman Maximov—is planning a bloodbath that will make the Troubles look like a church picnic.

But now, O'Malley's got troubles of his own: The Marauders have arrived.

CAPTAIN "CRAZY JACK" KEENAN—The ultimate warrior, he doesn't need a weapon. He is a weapon.

SERGEANT CHAN—A deadly marksman who never misses.

CPO FREDDIE MAMUDI—A knife-wielding Afghan freedom fighter.

LIEUTENANT KINSKI—A human death machine who rocks-and-rolls with an assault rifle instead of a guitar.



Wood's men skittered off the street and darted through the deserted ruins.

"They're going to get away!" Mamudi exclaimed.

Crazy Jack said, "Naaaah."

From the distance came the familiar sound of Kinski's AK-47. A minute later Kinski strode out from the ruins.

Jack said, "Any survivors?"

"Are you kidding?" Kinski asked.




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