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Total War

Written By:Jerry Ahern - 1981

  • Total War - Jerry Ahern cover


Would John Thomas be able to survive...?

For years like millions of other Americans, John Thomas Rourke had planned for what seemed inevitable—the destruction of civilization. There were various possible causes: global economic collapse, some uncontrollable pestilence, a world famine—or nuclear war!

And the rumbling signaling the coming of Total War was becoming increasingly strong as Rourke, ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons expert, and survival authority, made his last desperate gambit to save his estranged wife and two children before the button was pressed, the missiles launched, the multi-megaton bombs loosed.

Here then is the story of the ultimate war, the final nuclear holocaust and the unrelenting quest of John Thomas Rourke as he begins his search across war-ravaged America, following every haunting clue, however fragmentary, to locate his missing family. There are Soviet occupation troops; lawless, murderous brigands; and vast uncharted nuclear deserts to block his way. John Thomas Rourke has no option but to go on—his is THE SURVIVALIST


"Everyone look away from the windows and put your heads down! Protect your faces, your eyes!"

Rourke's cries were too late—the plane was already caught in the path of the nuclear warhead. From the windows, Rourke could see what was left of the destroyed city of St. Louis—but the moans and screams of the passengers kept his thoughts away from the devastation outside.

He climbed over wounded people to reach the pilot's cabin. Both the captain and co-pilot were still strapped in their seats, writhing and holding their faces.

"My God, both these men are blinded like—"

Rourke leaned down beside the pilot and said, "I'm one of the passengers. If you can stay conscious, maybe you can tell me what to do to keep this thing airborne."

"That's impossible. The controls on these babies are just too much unless you know them—I can't talk you through it."

"Well, I don't figure we've got more than a couple hours flying time before we hit empty. And auto pilot isn't going to do much good next time we hit a shock wave from a missile going off under us!"

Rourke glanced at the thick, vinyl-bound manuals in the cockpit. "I think I can fly her—but what happens when it's time to land?" he thought to himself, looking at the ruins below...




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