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Through Eyes of Shiva

Written By:R. A. Hawkins - 2002

  • Through Eyes of Shiva - R. A. Hawkins cover


This story is about the self-destruction entire populations can bring on themselves out of their own thoughtless behavior. History is filled with examples of such behavior. Entire civilizations can at times latch on to a completely heretical idea and with zeal cast itself unwittingly onto the scrap heap of history only to be forgotten and repeated later on. The story begins after just such an event that is global and the story revolves around the remainder of that civilization and those who escape using high technology but return to save them. People quite often forget that technology is always many years ahead of where we think it is. Many people were quite excited about being able to see some guy get into a rocket, fly into orbit and land safely. What they didn’t realize was that at the same time, we had built the SR71, which could penetrate Soviet airspace and return unscathed with ease. When the gulf war began we again discovered that not only did we have throw-away watches, we had jets that were no bigger than a bird to a radar system. We are always much further ahead than we realize.

Quite often man is his own worst enemy and his best friend at the same time. This story is about that paradox and what goes through the minds of both sides of that equation. It also revolves around some who are in a miserable situation and don’t want it to change because they are familiar with it. Along with that there is the underlying message about personal responsibility. Where does your responsibility pick up and where does theirs end?!

The story ranges from the stars to the very Earth we all walk and live on. There are inventions that are quite possible and probably under development as of this writing. It is also a story of the love between friends and two people in love with each other for life. It is also about those who refuse to take an honest look at themselves and the consequences of that failure. This is a tale about thoughtfulness and thoughtlessness and what happens when they collide with each other.