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Written By:R.W. Mackelworth - 1970

  • Tiltangle - R.W. Mackelworth cover


If the ice-forest killed him, no one would survive!

They had lived in the caves for a very long time—for generations of mind-numbing time. Only a few daring young ones were chosen periodically to go out and get new supplies, and not many of them came back. But some did, with enough food to keep the colony living. And breeding.

The cold numbed the mind too. Keeping body and soul together took so much energy that few ever thought to ask any questions—like, how had they got there? When would they leave?

Or was it, in fact, already too late?


Tomas and Donna...

Two who went to get supplies for the 20,000 inhabitants living in unimaginable cold in the heart of White Mountain.

They faced vicious hazards. Not only the killing cold itself, but attacks from the deadly blue mist, from half-human wild creatures, from the monstrous white bears that had somehow managed to survive in the cold.

They could go only because their people retained the remnants of a culture long gone—without understanding either the power source or how the life-saving gadgets worked.

They were sustained by a dream—a dream of the "warm". But a return to the "warm" would also mean a return to savagery...